Easy and Affordable Ways to Start a Small Business

Businesses are born every moment and if you are passionate enough you can start yours too. Just be attentive to all that is going around and I bet, you can easily spot at least one unaddressed problem a day that begs for an answer or a solution, add some enthusiasm, seriousness and focus to it and voila, you are ready to get going.

Most people get to this point and often fail to take-off from here, reasons:

  • They feel business is not their genre
  • They do not have the required finances and lack experience
  • It’s just an idea, don’t know whether it will work or not
  • Let’s get a job first….

Did you feel the same way too?

In business, you have TWO KEY aspects, the product/service and the sale; all other activities just support these two. So to start with, just focus and worry about creating a product or service and a way to sell it.

Remember; do not start by focusing on acquiring office premises, recruiting employees, putting up the office furniture, designing a sales process, marketing and so on. It is not that they are not important, but at least, for now a single point undivided focus on developing your product or service and then finding your first customer is most important. Believe me; the rest will happen, check out how.

Office space

Look to rent, part of an existing office premises. You can easily locate someone who will be willing to part their office premises for a share of rent. You can also consider your backyard, garage or your uncle’s workshop to start with if you have an absolute crunch for money. You can always use business centers available for hourly rent for official meetings.


  • Dell started his business from his dorm room
  • Apple and Google started in their respective garages

Monetary Investment

Save your pocket money/disposable income, take small bank loans, pool up as much as you can and invest smartly. Also constantly be on the lookout for someone who may be interested in investing in your stuff. You can also look for a part time job to meet your running expenses.


To start with look for freelancers who work from home or recruit apprentices. This will save you, office space, money, and all the issues related to maintaining regular staff. If you need professionals, then hire them on contractual basis either weekly or monthly and get your product or service out as quickly as possible. Virtual assistant outsourcing a new and cost-effective way of getting professional manpower for your business. Even though you are starting small, there is stuff that needs to be done professionally like managing documents, answering and forwarding calls, offering customer support, website development, social media management, accounting, and so on. You can hire a VA for all these activities and focus on your core, which is extremely important while running a small business.


Instead of hiring marketers, start with your own PR skills, talk about your product or service at all public gatherings, events, and family get-togethers. I am sure you will find your first customer through your own marketing skills. You can also spend at least an hour or two visiting your business acquaintances to present your stuff. Just wait for the word of mouth marketing to catch on. Think about KFC, it all began with a door-to-door campaign.

Another potent and affordable marketing tool is emails. Rent database of your target group, get your sales copy done and start pushing emails. This by far is the cheapest and most effective way to push your product. Use social media to spread the word easily and frugally.

Online tools

Thanks to the World Wide Web, there are innumerable tools available on the Internet, which can instantly boost your business efficiency at the lowest affordable cost. For instance, there are many useful tools like task managers, instant messengers, personalized email services, mass communication tools, bookkeeping software, etc., that will accelerate your business growth.

Customer support

Hire female agents who prefer to work from home. The benefits are you can save on their travel time and money, as females have more patience they are more suited for customer support jobs. They will also feel happy as it gives them ample time with their families, especially if they have children to take care of. This way all your phone calls will be answered and forwarded to you, even if you are busy.

One final word

Just imagine, how a 16-year-old Swedish boy, who left home, came to America with just $5 dollars in his pocket unable to speak a word in English went on to build a multi-million dollar retail empire called Nordstrom.

It’s One of the Best Businesses to Start and You Can’t Find it in Any Town

If you are looking to find one of the best businesses to start in 2010, you won’t be able to find it in any town. That’s because it doesn’t really exist in the physical world–it can only be located in the virtual world of online business, and it may just be one of the hottest new start-ups out there. T-Mobile, Sprint and a company called Liberty International have teamed up in the past few months to create something revolutionary that best can be described as a virtual cell phone franchise–and it doesn’t require an investment.

What is a virtual cell phone franchise? It has the same access to phones, gadgets and wireless service plans as the traditional mobile phone shop, but it requires no rent to pay, employees to hire, accounting to calculate or inventory to stock.

It works like this: If you sign up for one of their special monthly unlimited wireless plans, and refer three people to the same plan, you can get your cell phone bill for free. This makes you eligible to start your own virtual franchise business and to earn commissions on all the phones and service plans that your customers buy. In addition to this, if any of your customers become small business owners under the same offer, you will receive residual income from all of their sales.

So, if you are looking to make more money in 2010 than last year, check out what is sure to become one of the best businesses to start this year.

Every Time I Turn Around My Small Home Business Costs Me Money!

If you find yourself thinking “every time I turn around, my small home business cost’s me money.” you are not alone.

I told my daughter this when she was growing up and it seamed so nonchalant at the time but it has resurfaced for both of us over and over again and rings more true al the time.

I told her simply “you work hard to put money into your pocket, and millions of people are working just as hard to figure out how to get it out of your pocket and into theirs.” When it comes to home business’s and the internet (not unlike the outside world), that statement could not ring more true!

Everyone is trying to sell you something.

There are literally thousands of people starting new home business’s every day, that have never done anything like that before. They are looking for the information they need to be successful. They want to learn and want to be successful and everyone knows that. The problem is…… everyone knows that!

The economy stinks and in my opinion is only going to get worse.(I hope I’m wrong.) Millions of people are unemployed, underemployed or simply cant work enough jobs to pay the ever increasing cost of living. Sound familiar? That’s not including all the baby boomers retiring to find they need a little more money at the end of the month to live anywhere close to the way they dreamed about. Or are simply not ready to quit working just yet.

If you find yourself one of the millions thinking about starting your own small home business, let me try to save you a little time and money.

First off realize there is a whole group of individuals out there “making their living” out of selling you the information they say you need to be successful in your new business. That IS their business. They make their living selling you information to be successful.

Sometimes the information is valuable, sometimes not so much. But you don’t know until you fork out your hard earned money to find out. Again and again and again!

I’ll let you in on a secret, if you can find a person that has obtained all that valuable “information” over time (lots of time, and money) and is WILLING to share that information with you for free, because they want to help you succeed. How much would that relationship be worth to you?

They are out there! Not a lot unfortunately but there are a few.

Secondly, there are literally thousands upon thousands of opportunities out there. As mentioned in a previous article, there ARE some key things to look for before jumping in with both feet. If you don’t have, an honest company, with a great product (with mass appeal), and a terrific sponsor as a mentor, you are probably doomed. Sorry to be so “negative” but I call it realistic.

The good news is there are great opportunities out there with wonderful products in high demand, if you take the time to find them.

Which brings me to sponsors.

Most will promise you the moon and the sun to get you to sign up under them to fill their board and get paid only to never see or hear from them again. Thank you very much. Next.

There are however good sponsors out there that realize that their success rides strongly on your success. How many business’s in the brick and mortar world would succeed with crapy employees that didn’t show up, didn’t work, and didn’t care! NONE! A good sponsor or business partner realizes that the better you succeed the more it benefits them. They will be there for you to help you when you need it, make sure you have the tools and information you need to be successful and show you how to use them for maximum return on your investment. Their investment.

Lastly, stay away from anything or anyone that promotes “get rich quick” THERE IS NO SUCH THING!!!

Stay away from anything or anyone that tries to convince you that all you have to do is buy in and wait, the money will come, you don’t have to DO ANYTHING.

It simply does not work that way. If you are not willing to put in some hard work and invest at least a little money, you are wasting your time, your sponsors time “if he cares” and whatever amount of money you have SPENT on it.

To sum up, I guess what I am trying to tell you is BE CAREFUL! But don’t get discouraged.

There ARE great opportunities out there, and yes a few good sponsors that want to help you. The truly great ones have all the information you need to be successful, and are willing to share that with you for FREE!!

If they start asking for money, walk away!

We have talked in depth in previous articles about many of these things. If you find the right opportunity and the right sponsor, and apply proven methods your success is inevitable.

The main reasons 95% of new small business’s fail is because people:

Buy into a get rich quick scam. THEY DON’T EXIST! Think they can get on board and let everyone else work and they will get paid just for being involved. WONT HAPPEN! Get hooked by a bad “sponsor” and are left for dead. sorry it happens. a lot. Get overwhelmed by all the so called “must haves” only to run out of money and or get discouraged. Don’t have the time, ambition or desire to WORK the business.

These are just a few. If you can avoid these hurdles. If your glass is always half full. If in your opinion ” a little hard work never hurt anyone.” If you KNOW you can succeed if given the proper tools and information.

Then starting your own small business could be one of the most rewarding things you have ever done. People ARE changing their lives every day by creating their OWN economy!